Observations about which areas I think about in my programming projects:

Am passionate & think a lot about:

  • testing, strong opinions about [python: unittest vs pytest, js: everything, java: everything].
  • build tools [java: gradle vs maven, js: npm & yarn vs pnpm]
  • syntax
  • explicit vs implicit  (Tornadofx is a bad example of implicitly hiding implementation details when trying to make the library nicer to use. I guess it does succeed in simple use cases, but it makes understanding harder.)

I can (sometimes accidentally) spend weekend evenings reading about solutions and comparing stuff and reading source codes of interesting solutions and new approaches.

Am disinterested and rarely think about:

  • Orm's vs text db querys, I really couldn't care much less, as long as the solution makes sense on some level
  • algorithms, I have a really hard time if I have to care about an algorithm library's internal details.

With these it feels like a chore to spend more time than I have to at looking in these.

An interesting conclusion is that at least for people like me, it would probably be a bad idea to assemble a programming team of similar persons. Having a wider group of sub-area passion compositions would probably lead to better results than having similar compositions.